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life on ... FACEBOOKU. życie na ... FACEBOOKU

 entry and report on social problems. I'm going to create a new rule on my site. More similar articles appear in the future.  wpis i raport o problemach społecznych. Zamierzam utworzyć nowa regułę na moje stronie. W przyszłości pojawia się więcej podobnych artykułów.                  life on ... FACEBOOKU              życie na ... FACEBOOKU  2,789 billion people use the media community, and half of these people have facebook accounts. And what is family life like ... FACEBOOKU? Family seemingly no different from the picture, great family on vacation, happy without problems, beautiful children, home, car, etc. And surely it is as shown on the profile picture? There is no ideal family, this fact proved. Such a family does not exist. And as there is such a picture of their reactions, they are so disturbed that in real life they just do not talk to each other. They can not function as a real family, ie together to conquer real situations like problems in each family eg; raising...

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life on ... FACEBOOKU. życie na ... FACEBOOKU
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